Our Priorities

Advocacy, support & promotion of primary education for primary leaders in public schools

SAPPA Vision 2020 – 2021

Advocacy and support for all primary leaders to be:
• Confident in leading quality teaching and learning.
• Skilled in developing leadership in themselves and others.
• Courageous, creative, and efficient in attending to the things that matter.

SAPPA’s priorities are determined at the beginning of each year by the SAPPA Board.
The SAPPA Strategic Plan is a working document based on these priorities and guides the direction of the SAPPA Reference Groups.
The SAPPA Strategic Plan is reviewed at the end of each calendar year by the SAPPA Board to measure the progress of each priority.

SAPPA’s priorities are aligned to the SAPPA Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is developed biennially by the newly appointed Board. Goals, Strategies and Key Performance Indicators clearly describe each priority. The Strategic Plan is continually reviewed, monitored and updated by the Board and Reference Groups. Each SAPPA Reference Group has a direct alignment to one of the priorities. See the Reference Group tab for further information.

SAPPA Strategic Plan 2020

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