The SAPPA Board is comprised of an elected President and up to 15 elected SAPPA members. A SAPPA Vice President is elected from within the Board. In accordance with the SAPPA Constitution, the tenure for both Board members and the President is two years. The next election will be held in October, 2021.

SAPPA Board meet monthly on Thursdays, twice per school term. Issues discussed and decisions made during Board meetings are then communicated to the broader membership via an internal publication called SAPPA News. This is distributed via the online SAPPA-talk for members and also via this website in the Membership tab.

All Board members are actively involved in the work of SAPPA through their leadership and participation in the Reference Groups, which are all directly aligned to SAPPA’s priorities.

The President and members of the Board consult with the broader membership on an ongoing basis via the Reference Groups, SAPPA-talk and surveys. Broader membership feedback and advice is highly valued. The President is available to visit schools and Partnership meetings. Appointments can be made through the SAPPA Office on 8463 5845.

The 2020-2021 Board is comprised of a range of country/metro school leaders of varying size and contexts.

Current 2020 Board members are:

SAPPA President: Angela Falkenberg 
SAPPA Vice President: Brenton Robins (Victor Harbor R-7 School)

Name School  Email
Josh Anderson McLaren Flat PS 
Marg Clark Prospect PS 
Susan Copeland Burnside PS 
Lynette Corletto Melaleuca PS
Heather Curtis Kirton Point PS
Lissa Hutter Hillcrest PS
John Iannunzio Magill School 
Maxine McSherry Kangaroo Island Community Education
Julie Murphy Elizabeth Vale PS
Cynthia O'Neil Elliston Area School
Deb O'Neill Linden Park PS
Brenton Robins SAPPA Vice President and Victor Harbor R-7
Irene Scriven Littlehampton Primary and Preschool
Gaynor Steele Meadows PS
Adam Wilson Stirling North PS

SAPPA President - Angela Falkenberg

SAPPA President

Josh Anderson

Principal, McLaren Flat Primary School

Marg Clark

Principal, Prospect Primary School

Susan Copeland

Principal, Burnside Primary School

Lynette Corletto

Principal, Melaleuca Primary School

Heather Curtis

Principal, Kirton Point Primary School

Lissa Hutter

Principal, Hillcrest Primary School

John Iannunzio

Principal, Magill School

Maxine McSherry

Principal, Kangaroo Island Community Education

Julie Murphy

Principal, Elizabeth Vale Primary School

Cynthia O'Neil

Principal, Elliston Area School

Deb O'Neill

Principal, Linden Park Primary School

Brenton Robins

Principal, Victor Harbor R-7 School

Irene Scriven

Principal, Littlehampton Primary and Preschol

Gaynor Steele

Principal, Meadows Primary School

Adam Wilson

Principal, Stirling North Primary School

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