South Australian Primary Principals Association (SAPPA) exists to promote, support and influence primary education and the leadership of primary education in South Australian Government schools. Refer to the following link for detailed information within the SAPPA Constitution: SAPPA Constitution

SAPPA is a recognized and respected authority on educational issues, leading the community as a distinct voice in the vital area of primary education.

There are currently over 530 SAPPA members from approximately 350 school sites throughout South Australia. Our members are respected educational leaders and school managers who value the support provided by SAPPA.

who_we_areSAPPA Board is comprised of an elected President and 15 elected SAPPA members. A SAPPA Vice President is elected from within the Board Group. The tenure for both the Executive members and the President is two years.

SAPPA has a Business Manager and an administrative assistant. The SAPPA Office is located on the first floor of the Education Development Centre, Milner Street, Hindmarsh.

SAPPA members are involved in the work of SAPPA through Reference Groups and various representative advisory groups.

Our members say one of the most valuable aspects of SAPPA is the chat-line SAPPA-talk.  SAPPA-talk is a closed discussion line  set up for members to exchange information, share concerns,  raise issues, respond to topical issues,  and request assistance  about professional matters. Sappa-talk Guidelines – October 2018

All members share a common purpose – to enhance the educational outcomes of all students.



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